Herbal extracts

Components for the food industry
Plant extracts and active substances
Acai berry extract
African mango seed extract
Alfalfa extract
Almond extract
Aloe vera extract
Althaea rosae root extract
Andrographis paniculata extract
Angelica extract
Apple extract
Artichoke extract
Ashwagandha extract
Astragalus extract
Aubergine extract
Avocado extract
Baical skullcap root PE
Bamboo leaves extract
Banaba leaf extract
Bilberry extract
Bitter melon extract
Bitter sophora root extract
Black cohosh extract
Blackcurrant extract
Black sesame extract
Black tea extract
Black wolfberry extract
Blueberry extract
Boswellia serrata extract
Cactus extract
Camu-camu fruit extract
Cardamom seed extract
Cascara sagrada extract
Cassia nomame extract
Cat’s claw extract
Catuaba extract
Celandine extract
Celery extract
Chamomile PE
Chasteberry extract
Chitoglucan extract
Chondroitin sulfate (bovine extract)
Cinnamon extract
Cistanche deserticola PE
Citrus aurantinum extract
Coenzyme Q10
Coleus forskohlii extract
Common cnidium extract
Coptis root extract
Cordyceps extract
Coriolus mushroom extract
Corn extract
Cornsilk extract
Corosolic acid
Corus officinals extract
Cranberry extract
Curcumin extract
Cuscutae seed (dora) extract
Dandelion extract
Echinacea purpurea extract
Epimedium extract
Eucommia bark extract
Eyebright herb extract
Fennel seed extract
Fenugreek extract
Flaxseed extract
Fo Ti / Ho Shou Wu extract
Galega officinalis extract
Garlic extract
Gastrodia rhizoma extract
Ginger root extract
Ginko biloba leaf extract
Ginseng root (american) extract
Ginseng (Panax) extract
Goji berry extract
Golden rod extract
Golden seal root extract
Gotu kola herb extract
Grape seed extract
Grape skin extract
Green coffee bean extract
Green tea extract
Griffonia seed extract
Gymnema extract
Gynostemma extract
Hawthorn extract
Hedyotis diffusa extract
Hibiscus flower extract
Honey suckle flower extract
Hops extract
Horse chestnut extract
Horsetail extract
Huperzia serrata extract
Jasmine tea extract
Kava kava extract
Kelp extract
Lemon balm extract
Licorice root extract
Ligusticum extract
Lobelia intiata extract
Longan aril extract
Loquat leaves extract
Lovage extract
Luo han guo extract
Maca extract
Maca powder
Macleaya cordata extract
Magnolia bark extract
Maitake mushroom extract
Mangostena extract
Matcha powder
Milk thistle extract
Morinda root extract
Moringa extract
Motherwort extract
Moutan black extract
Mucuna extract
Mulberry leaf/berry extract
Mullein flowers extract
Nardostachytis extract
Nettle extract
Noni extract
Notoginseng extract
Notopterygium root extract
Nutgrass extract
Ocinum sanctum extract
Oleanolic acid
Onion extract
Oolong tea extract
Ophiopogonis extract
Paeonia lactiflora pall extract
Passion flower extract
Peppermint extract
Phyllantus emblica extract
Pine bark extract
Piper nigrum extract
Plantago seed extract
Poncirus extract
Poria cocos extract
Pu erh tea extract
Pueraria / Kudzu extract
Pumpkin seed extract
Pygeum africanum extract
Rabdosia japonica hara extract
Raspberry extract
Raspberry ketone
Rauwolfia serpentina extract
Red bean extract
Red clover extract
Red rice yeast extract
Reishi mushroom extract
Rhizoma drynaria extract
Rhodiola root extract
Rhubarb root extract
Rosehips extract
Rosemary herb extract
Salvia root extract
Sarsaparilla root extract
Saw palmetto extract
Schisandra berry extract
Scultellaria root extract
Scultellaria baicalensis grorgi PE
Semen coicis extract
Semen cuscutae extract
Senna leaf extract
Sesame extract
Shavegrass extract
Shiitake mushroom extract
Siberian ginseng extract
Siberian milkwort extract
Sky fruit extract
Spirulina powder
St. John’s wort extract
Stemonae extract
Stephania cepharantha hayate PE
Stevia extract (Rebaudiosides)
Sunflower extract
Tea saponin
Terminalia bellerica extract
Thyme extract
Tomato extract
Tongkat ali / long jack extract
Tribulus terrestris extract
Uva ursi leaf (Xiong Guo) extract
Valerian root extract
White atractylodes extract
White kidney bean extract
White tea extract
White willow bark extract
Wild yam extract
Yohimbe bark extract
Ziziphi extract