Mineral salts

Components for the food industry

Fe, Iron

It is necessary for producing red bloodcells. Dificiency of iron commonly results with anemia. Thanks to iron the erythrocytes can deliver oxygen to the cells of our body.

Mg, magnesium

It takes a part in many functions of our organisms. It helps with stress issues and neuromuscular exitability.

Ca, calcium

It is the main building material of our bones and enzymes activator

Zn, zinc

It is responsible for proper functioning of immune system

Cu, copper

It takes a part in trasmission of nerve impulses and creating many tissues of human body

K, potassium

It i san activator for many kind of enzymes, takes a part in trasmission of nerve impulses. The right level of potassium in our diet is necessary for proper functioning of cardiovascular system


Molybdenum, sodium, manganese, iodine