Components for the food industry

Fibers regulate the proper work of digestive trackt, decrease the cholesterol level which helps in prevrnting from cardiovascular diseases. Fibers are also decreasing sugar level in blood which prevents from diabetes. The regullar consumption of fibers decrease a risk of cancer, in particular stomach cancer and breast cancer. Fiber also slows down absorption of toxins and heavy metals and accelerates the process of removing them from the organism. There are two kinds of fibers: soluble and insoluble fiber which are being characterized by different effects to human body. They occure in plants together but in different proportions. Fiber is used in a food industry because of its water binding ability.

We offer:

Pea fiber

Wheat fiber

Potato fiber

Apple fiber

Citrus fiber

Rice fiber

Pumpkin fiber

Carrot fiber

Beetroot fiber

Kale fiber

Bamboo fiber