Food market 

Currently, the food industry is led by growing requirements in terms of the quality of the products themselves and the quality of the supplier’s service to the customer. We work directly with well-recognized global producers as well as the best distributors in their fields. We pay special attention to functional organic-certified food. We understand the growing needs in terms of functionality of food ingredients, impeccable logistics service and transaction financing. For each of our clients, we are able to compose an offer that meets their requirements in each of these dimensions.


Fibers also called dietary fibers. It is a necessary element of a healthy diet

Plant proteins

Kind of plant seeds flour standarized for a protein level. Excellent usage in a protein supplementation of food products


Starch is a basic carbohydrate of human`s diet. It is providing Energy and also has a wide usage in food production thanks to its high ability of water ninding.

Mineral salts

Mineral salts are necessary for proper functioning of human organism.

Herbal extracts


Organic compounds necessary for proper functioning of human organism


Ascorbic acid and its derivatives

Amino acids

Organic compounds building proteins



Help to maintain product durability

Fruits powders

Freeze-dried and powdered fruit.

Asian mushroom extracts


Other food raw materials