Others (feed)

Components for the feed industry

Ricinolate (ethoxylated castor oil)

A nonionic surfactant with very good emulsifying and solubilizing properties. We enable the selection of the type of ricinoleate to the specific customer requirements regarding the moll number.

Gluconic acid, gluconates

Used in feed production to increase the absorption surface of nutrients from the intestines of animals by stimulating the growth of intestinal villi. Salts of gluconic acid (sodium gluconate, calcium gluconate, zinc gluconate) also provide essential minerals that affect the skeletal and immune system of animals

Silica (silicon oxide – various specifications)

Silica is used as a carrier for liquid substances in feed. In addition, silica has strong hygroscopic properties. The silica offered by AMF-Life is available in the form of powder and micropearls

Sodium bicarbonate

A buffer agent that allows to maintain the correct pH of the feed product. Sodium bicarbonate prevents the occurrence of metabolic acidosis in animals. Sodium bicarbonate is also the main source of sodium – an essential macroelement in the proper functioning of animal organisms. The sodium bicarbonate content in feed should be balanced because both its deficiency and excess adversely affect the body’s development

Essential oils

Added to feed due to its antioxidant, coloring and bacterio and fungicidal properties. The essential oils offered by AMF Life are standardized for the content of active substances, making it easy to balance their content in detailed recipes. The most popular essential oils are eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, thyme oil